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Villa Luna Nueva Downloads

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AirBnb guests can't say enough good things about bcs villas

      To any groups thinking of renting here–STAY AWAY!!
    I went with a group of family and friends for two nights. Upon walking in we felt the house was beautiful but much smaller than we expected. 1,500 a night and we had 7 guys-we felt it was small. The first night we drank beers by the pool and probably made enough noise to wake up a neighbor. This is in large part bc the neighbors balcony is essentially 5 feet from the balcony and the pool in the house. On our second day the owner called us and demanded that we pay $500 additional dollars directly to him to “make the neighbors happy.’ We refused and said that we wanted to go through ARBNB and not just send $500 cash to him personally. So what did he do? He actually turned the power off in the house and forced us to leave. The owner has sent me personally a barrage of emails since attacking me personally. I completely understand this sounds outrageous and couldn’t be true–every word I just wrote is true. So if you’re going for a quiet weekend–this is a great place. However, if its a large group–stay clear!

    thumb Josh
    August 18, 2022