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Cabo San Lucas is located on the southernmost tip of the Baja Peninsula. Also know as Land’s End, Cabo is home to the famous Arch and the private gated community of Pedregal. Nestled in the hills above the center of town, Pedregal is Baja’s version of Hollywood and the playground of the rich and famous.

Once a sleepy fishing village, Cabo San Lucas has grown to become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Cabo is now the number one tourist destination in all of Mexico. From weddings to bachelor parties, family vacations, and relaxing weekend getaways, Cabo has something for everyone.


Playa Pedregal (Pedregal Beach) is located within the private gated community of Pedregal and is one of Cabo’s hidden gems. This beach is located on the Pacific side of land’s end and is not accessible by the public, making it a great place to get away. Although the strong current makes it unsafe for swimming, it is a perfect setting for picnics, walks on the beach and terrific surf fishing.

The closest swimming beach, Playa El Médano (Medano Beach), extends through the main beachfront hotel zone and abounds with beach activity. On El Médano, Cabo’s main beach, you’ll find it easy to rent the water toy of your choice, from high-powered wave runners to quiet self-powered sea kayaks. Stretching for two miles away from town, the sloped soft sand beach provides all the challenge the serious runner wants. Access to this beach is available at Km. 1 near Club Cascadas de Baja or near the harbor entrance at the Costa Real Cabo Resort Beach Club or through any of the hotels and restaurants along this long stretch of beach. This beach is two miles from the Villa.

Lover’s Beach is another must, but to get to this hidden cove you’ll need some kind of floating transportation. We recommend hiring a water taxi at the marina. The captain will take you on an informative tour of the diving areas around the arch (El Arco), point out Lover’s Beach, then go around the popular point for a wonderful view of the dramatic area where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean.

Cabo weather is some of the best in the world with about 340 days of sunshine per year. Cabo San Lucas lies within the tropics where temperatures vary only about 20 degrees (F) between the hottest and coldest months of the year. The weather is great most of the time, but the best weather is November through January when the temperatures average in the 80’s, and the ocean water is still warm. The hottest time is in August and September. And due to hurricane activity in the Pacific, it is humid those two months. The rest of the year, Cabo San Lucas weather is perfect and has very low humidity. The weather in Cabo is warm enough that you can go to the beach year round. The sun is more intense and you will want to bring your sun glasses and sun screen. At night it does cool down, so you might need a light sweater. Also if you are staying on the Pacific side, you can expect the temperature to be 10 degrees cooler than the Sea of Cortez side, so pack accordingly. Cabo San Lucas gets very little rain and it’s not unusual to go several months with barely a drop. When it does rain, it usually does so in the middle of the night so that we are not inconvenienced too much. That’s one of the many reasons why Cabo weather is some of the best in the world!


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